yoga teaching schedule

Since my move to Sacramento, I no longer regularly teach yoga. I can be found cultivating my practice as an assistant with Yoga In the Park and volunteering at various festivals. When I guide others, I am informed by this philosophy:

I aim to meet my students where you are, whether you heard about “this yoga thing” and decided to register for class on a whim, are returning to yoga after Life got in the way, or are stepping onto the mat for the fifth class this week. My teaching is influenced by having been a type A-minus/B-plus personality in a city overrun by type-A personalities. My classes explore the connection of the breath to movement and include an emphasis on alignment. In my restorative classes, students will find themselves gently guided into poses, fully-supported by bolsters, blankets, and blocks.

In addition to completing my 200-hour level training through YogaWorks with Chrissy Carter, I have received training in restorative yoga and therapeutic yoga with Jillian Pransky, Cheri Clampett, and Arturo Peal.